Putin Finally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

Putin Finally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a momentous statement when he for the first time referred to the crisis in Ukraine as a “war” following his decision to launch a full-scale invasion of the neighboring nation.

On Thursday, Putin called for the end of the “war,” a term he had previously refrained from using to describe the past 10 months of what he and the Kremlin had said was a “special military operation.” We want to put an end to this war, not stoke the fires of this armed battle, Putin said to reporters.

In order to safeguard Russian citizens residing in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk areas, the Russian president has repeatedly claimed that the ongoing escalation in that country is not a “war” but rather a “special military operation.”

Putin declares ‘war’ – aloud – forsaking his special euphemistic operation

On February 24, the day his full-scale assault started, Putin made an early-morning announcement in which he used the phrase “special military operation.” There seemed to be an attempt to emphasize that what was going to happen would not have a significant impact on the lives of regular Russians. Instead, he promoted the notion of a constrained operation carried out by a small group of trained soldiers.

The Russian government rushed to stifle criticism and effectively mandate the use of “special military operations” by passing harsh laws to prevent “spreading fakes” and “discrediting” the army, effectively making it illegal to refer to the conflict as “war” after several days of antiwar demonstrations in Russia and critical reporting in the last few independent media outlets.

The action is symbolic, and law enforcement won’t take it further. However, it highlights how, under Putin’s rule, selective prosecution has grown to be the norm, with various standards being applied to civilians based on their level of support for the president.

After surviving the Russian occupation, they were struck by explosives that were left behind. The Russian military and its leaders have been the target of scathing criticism from Russian critics due to casualties on the battlefield and other errors, such as a poorly executed mobilization of 300,000 new soldiers. Putin criticized the American decision to give Ukraine access to its most sophisticated air defense system, the Patriot missile system, in his remarks on Thursday. This decision was formally announced by Vice President Biden during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Washington on Wednesday.

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