New FIFA rankings released after 2022 World Cup

New FIFA rankings released after 2022 World Cup: Following the 2022 World Cup, the most recent FIFA rankings have been announced, and there have been some significant changes as teams move quickly up and down the list. Argentina, the World Cup champions, moved up to second place in the FIFA rankings, trailing only South American rivals Brazil, who are still in first place despite a dismal World Cup.

Argentina lifted the trophy for the third time in history to conclude the Qatar 2022 World Cup. FIFA waited until the very end of the competition to issue the new list, which is surprising given that the previous rankings were released in October. There are many modifications, as was to be expected.

There were many surprises at the World Cup in Qatar. Two African teams (Morocco and Senegal) and two Asian teams (Japan and South Korea) simultaneously competing in the Round of 16 was a first. Australia, a team that moved from Oceania to the Asian Confederation, additionally participated in the knockout rounds.

What’s the latest FIFA ranking after the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Argentina is not now in the top spot in the FIFA rankings despite having won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. With 1840 points, Brazil remained in first place. Lionel Messi’s squad is next with 1838 points. Following Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain in third place after losing the championship game is France (1823 points). The Top 10 are those.

Morocco’s ascent to the 11th spot at the World Cup was one of the biggest surprises. Following the African team are the following nations: Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Denmark, Senegal, and Japan. Here is FIFA’s comprehensive list of the Top 20.

Iran (dropping positions despite having qualified for the World Cup), South Korea (ranked 25), Australia (ranked 27), and Saudi Arabia (ranked 49) are the other significant teams on the list. As a result of their participation in the competition, Canada (53) and the host nation Qatar (60) both decreased.

New Top 10 FIFA Men’s World Rankings

Rank Team FIFA Ranking Points
1. Brazil 1840.77
2. Argentina 1838.38
3. France 1823.39
4. Belgium 1781.3
5. England 1774.19
6. Holland 1740.92
7. Croatia 1727.62
8. Italy 1723.56
9. Portugal 1702.54
10. Spain 1692.71

Why isn’t Argentina top?

Lionel Messi and Argentina received points based on the caliber of their most recent opponents because of the way FIFA determines its rankings.

Brazil has 1840.77 total points, which is slightly over two more than Argentina, who has 1838.38 total points. If Argentina wins and Brazil loses, Argentina will overtake Brazil following that game.

Here are all the specifics of how FIFA calculated these rankings before and after the change in 2018. In essence, you score more points if you play against tougher opponents. Furthermore, there is no longer a timeline associated with these rankings. You climb more quickly when you are good and fall more quickly when you are bad.

Who is down the rankings?

Belgium dropped from second to fourth, and after their catastrophic World Cup group-stage defeat, they are expected to drop even further. The Golden Age has passed.

Italy, the defending European champions (remember them? ), dropped two spots, as was expected after Roberto Mancini’s team was unable to qualify for the World Cup. Spain, Germany, Mexico, and Uruguay also saw declines.

As a result of their disastrous World Cup, Denmark plummeted eight ranks to finish in 18th, while Iran dropped four spaces, Wales sank nine spots, Serbia dropped eight spots to finish in 30th, Canada dropped 12 spots to finish in 53rd, and Qatar dropped ten spots to finish in 60th. The greatest World Cup team to fall was Canada under John Herdman.

FIFA rankings, Top 20 as of December 2022

1. Brazil – Even
2. Argentina – Up 1
3. France – Up 1
4. Belgium – Down 2
5. England – Even
6. Netherlands – Up 2
7. Croatia – Up 1
8. Italy – Down 2
9. Portugal – Even
10. Spain – Down 3
11. Morocco – Up 11
12. Switzerland – Up 3
13. USA – Up 3
14. Germany – Down 3
15. Mexico – Down 2
16. Uruguay – Down 2
17. Colombia – Even
18. Denmark – Down 8
19. Senegal – Down 1
20. Japan – Up 4

When are the next FIFA rankings out?

Following each recognized international window, FIFA rankings are updated. Because of this, they are typically updated multiple times a year in accordance with the FIFA calenda The following FIFA rankings will be revealed sometime in early April because the following FIFA international window is from March 20 to March 28.

The FIFA match schedule for 2023 includes the following international windows and the exact permitted matches that may be played within each window. Unless otherwise stated, all confederations are covered by the windows:

  • March 20-28 (2 matches)
  • June 12-20 (2 matches)
  • June 16-July 16 (AFC only — Asian Cup)
  • June 26-July 16 (CONCACAF only — Gold Cup)
  • September 4-12 (2 matches)
  • October 9-17 (2 matches)
  • November 13-21 (2 matches)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who won the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Argentina won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, however they do not currently hold the top spot in the FIFA rankings. With 1840 points, Brazil remained in first place. Lionel Messi’s squad is next with 1838 points. Following Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain in third place after losing the championship game is France (1823 points).

In which country will FIFA 2026 be held?

Every match from the quarterfinals on will be played in the United States, which will host 60 games. Neighboring countries Canada and Mexico will each host 10 games. The event will include three countries hosting it for the first time. Argentina currently holds the title after defeating France 4-2 on penalties in the 2022 championship game.

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